Guided Civil War Walking Tour of Stephens City

Newtown History Center 5408 Main St., Stephens City, VA

Civil War walking tours of historic Stephens City are conducted at 10:30 a.m. on the 4th Saturday of the month, beginning in June and ending in October. Tours are led by staff of the Newtown History Center. This tour focuses on the impact of the Civil War on the town. Learn about various civilian and ... Read more

McCormick Civil War Institute Fall Seminar

Shenandoah University 1460 University Dr., Winchester, VA

“We Shall Have Graveyards at Every Door” The Lower Shenandoah Valley’s Border Region during the Civil War While portions of the Shenandoah Valley such as Winchester experienced frequent occupations by Union and Confederate armies, communities to its south such as Stephens City and Middletown experienced the conflict differently. Situated in the lower Shenandoah Valley’s border ... Read more

African Americans During the Civil War Era Tour

Shenandoah University - Feltner Building 9 Court Square, Winchester, Virginia

Balancing Survival & Freedom: The Experiences of Winchester’s African Americans during the Civil War Era Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. frequently reflected on the past and specifically the Emancipation Proclamation. Join Jonathan Noyalas ’01, M.A., director of Shenandoah University's McCormick Civil War Institute, for “Balancing Survival & Freedom: The Experiences of Winchester’s African Americans During ... Read more

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