Korean War Memorial

This memorial, built in 2013, is located in Winchester’s Jim Barnett Park.
It consists of three granite sections. The large center piece features an engraving of the Korean peninsula and the two smaller sections, one on each side randomly lists 62 veterans killed in Korea from the following areas:

– Winchester City (VA)
– Frederick County (VA)
– Clarke County (VA)
– Warren County (VA)
– Shenandoah County (VA)
– Jefferson County (WV)
– Berkeley County (WV)
– Hardy County (WV)
– Hampshire County (WV)
– Morgan County (WV)

A walkway connects the POW-MIA Memorial and the Korean War Memorial and a brick “Path of Honor” leads the way to the large granite pieces and U.S. flag.  Flanking both sides of the Path of Honor are five pair of bronze military boots representing the five military branches of service (i.e. Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines and Coast Guard).


Open year-round.