Mount Skylight Movie Fundraiser

Come out to Escutcheon Brewing in Winchester on Friday, March 13th, to fundraise with us as part of our tour of the state of Virginia.

The movie, “Mount Skylight,” will be shot and produced entirely in Virginia. Award-winning producer Ryan Cudahy describes the feature film as a “character-driven thriller” that follows a group of recovering addicts who, after returning from a hike in the Shenandoah Valley, discover that everyone in their town has disappeared. They have to figure out what happened, as well as how to survive.

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Halloween (1978) at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

In 1978, legendary NEW YORKER film critic Pauline Kael reviewed John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. She had this to say:

“HALLOWEEN has a pitiful, amateurish script (by Carpenter and his producer, Debra Hill). An escaped lunatic wielding a kitchen knife stalks people in a small Midwestern town (Haddonfield, Illinois), and that’s about it. Maybe when a horror film is stripped of everything but dumb scariness — when it isn’t ashamed to revive the stalest device of the genre (the escaped lunatic) — it satisfies part of the audience in a more basic, childish way than sophisticated horror pictures do.”

Kael was right. But the elements that she hated over thirty years ago are the very same elements that we love today.

HALLOWEEN might be dumb, but it’s an idiot-proof prototype for an entire genre. To this day, nothing encapsulates the special feeling of darkness, mood, and total terror quite like the ominous mask of Michael Myers. From Dean Cundey’s flowing, blue-hued photography to Carpenter’s minimalist score, nothing in this movie is misplaced. It’s simple, focused, and always one step ahead of the audience.

There’s no shame in admitting that it’s fun to wallow in fun. Just as Buster Keaton’s THE GENERAL changed the landscape of comedy and DIE HARD changed the landscape of action, HALLOWEEN changed the landscape of horror. When you watch this movie, everything is right in the world. Especially in October.

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Film and Float: JAWS at Clearbrook Pool

Film and Float – JAWS – Saturday, July 20 at Clearbrook Pool!
Nothing says ‘summer fun’ like an evening in the pool with one of your favorite films! Please bring a float to float on and wear proper swimming attire.

PLEASE NOTE: we will be watching the movie from the pool so traditional open swim behavior will not be appropriate. Be prepared to keep splashing and noise to a minimum while we float! All children 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult– pool area opens at 7 pm—film begins at dusk. $5 per person

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Outdoors at the Vineyard

On Friday, July 19, the Magic Lantern Theater will screen outdoors at dusk (about 8:45 p.m.) the popular American feature film, “Hearts Beat Loud” at the James Charles Vineyard. This contemporary, heartwarming movie is set in Brooklyn, where Frank, a single dad, turns to music to cope with the immanent loss of his record shop, as well as his daughter to college (Rated PG-13; 97 minutes). “A sparkling gem with an indie-rock soul” (Newsday).

The vineyard is at 4063 Middle Road, Winchester: for directions, visit Admission is $8/per person; please bring your own chair or blanket. Picnics are welcome; no outside alcohol. In case of rain, the screening will move indoors.

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