Comedy Murder Mystery: Halloween Whodunit

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Die Laughing Productions is back and ready to scare up some laughs with Halloween Whodunit. You’re on the set of a horror movie titled: The Friday the 13th After Next. Things take a horrific turn and the movie set becomes a crime scene. Lights, camera, Murder! You will see dead people.

Halloween Whodunit stars 98 Rock’s Justin Schlegel as well as Bright Box favorites, Rob Maher, Erik Woodworth, Tommy Sinbazo and most importantly, you the audience. This is an interactive spooky spectacular. One of you might even be the killer. Showing up dressed as your favorite ghoul or goblin is encouraged as are tricks and treats.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a Murder. See you October 12. Two Shows, 7pm and 9:30pm. Due to the mature content, this show is 18+.

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

StageCoach Theatre Company Presents:

Written and Directed by Terry Smith
Produced by Jerri Wiseman
Production Assistant: Thy Nguyen

It’s the Roaring Twenties. A mobster and madam meet at a local speakeasy to discuss moonshine and money. Despite a planned evening of comedy and music, someone put MURDER on the menu. Help the chief of police find answers before an all-out gang war breaks out. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre would look like a pillow fight compared to what will happen if he fails!

• Doors & Bar open at 4:30PM
• Show starts at 5:30PM
• Dinner Break at 6PM
• Show resumes at 6:45PM

Murder Mystery Comedy Show

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve a Murder.

Back by popular demand and better than ever! Celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days early with the world’s greatest couples themed Murder Mystery Comedy Show. Die Laughing Productions presents, “The Newly Dead Game.” You’re at a TV taping of the popular game show Clash of the Couples; a show where couples compete for cash and prizes. One couple will win it all and one contestant will lose more than the game, they’ll lose their life.

98 Rock morning show host Justin Schlegel is back as the star of “The Newly Dead Game” alongside comedians Rob Maher, Joe Robinson, Erik Woodworth and Tommy Sinbazo However, the real stars of the show are once again, you the audience. Some of you will get to play parts in the show and all of you will guess who the murderer is. Guess right and you could win something new and shiny. Guess wrong and you’ll live with the shame and despair forever.

NOTE: This show is 18+

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