The Most Civil War Markers in Virginia

The Winchester – Frederick County area has the highest concentration of Civil War Markers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This will be an ongoing blog where we continually update the marker locations, content, condition, etc.

Click here for an overview of them all, Mapped out on Google Maps:

A “Malicious Design” “Burning the Winchester Medical College” 39°11’06.8″N 78°10’13.4″W

Abram’s Delight
   “Best Wishes to all at your house”    39° 10.135′ N, 78° 9.636′ W

Attack and Defend: The Confederate Left Flank   “As though ten thousand devils were after them”

Battle of Cedar Creek      “Union left flank”     39° 2.093′ N, 78° 15.427′ W

Battle of Rutherford’s Farm “Union Victory” 39°13’14.6″N 78°07’52.4″W

Beal’s Brigade Holds the Fence Line – Death of Knowlton “A tremendous blow to us”

Breathed’s Confederate Horse Artillery “My best comrade is gone!”

Civil War Earthworks “Where they are compelled by nature…to resort to it” 39°12’23.6″N 78°09’50.6″W

Constructing Star Fort “It was hard work” 39°12’22.3″N 78°09’50.3″W

Duval’s Attack “Hurry up boys, they need help up there”

Dwight’s Stabilizes the Union Right – Charge of the 114th New York “A perfect sheet of lead”

Fort Collier “I never saw such a sight”     39°12’05.6″N 78°09’16.7″W

Frederick County Courthouse     “Witness to war”  39°11’04.0″N 78°09’55.2″W

General Fitz Hugh Lee’s Position “They sighted their guns by the sound”

Glen Burnie
 “Winchester is a very pleasant place to stay in, sir” 39°11’12.5″N 78°10’47.0″W

Jackson’s Headquarters “I am quite comfortable” 39°11’21.5″N 78°09’55.3″W

John Rutherford’s Farm “Interrupted by war”  39°13’14.7″N 78°07’52.4″W

Jordan Springs “Healing springs”    39°12’58.0″N 78°05’03.9″W

Loyal Quaker and Brave Slave “Rebecca Wright and Thomas Laws” 39°11’13.7″N 78°09’51.8″W

Newtown “Burnings and hangings” 39°04’47.8″N 78°13’15.8″W

Rose Hill
“I do not recollect having ever heard such a roar of musketry” 39°09’05.5″N 78°13’14.8″W

Rutherford’s Farm “In the path of battle” 39°13’14.7″N 78°07’52.3″W

Second Battle of Winchester “The guns in Star Fort greeted them” 39°12’22.6″N 78°09’48.4″W

Second Battle of Winchester “A scene I shall never forget” 39°12’21.7″N 78°09’51.7″W

Second Battle of Winchester “Louisiana Tigers capture West Fort”   39°12’53.8″N 78°11’29.7″W

Shawnee Springs Hospital
“Clearing and evacuation facility” 39°10’17.9″N 78°09’43.8″W

Sheridan Renews the Attack “You haven’t begun to fight yet”

Stephenson’s Depot “The Thermoplae of my campaign” 39°13’46.9″N 78°06’35.9″W

Taylor Hotel “Packed with Confederate wounded” 39°11’06.6″N 78°09’54.7″W

The Middle Field “Have this thing stopped at once!”

The Union Attack Across Redbud Run “Bullets, shot, shell, and shrapnel rained on us like hail”

Third Battle of Winchester “The enemy with the fort, hastily evacuated” 39°12’22.2″N 78°09’50.4″W

Third Battle of Winchester – MISSING “One moving mass of glittering steel” 39°13’47.4″N 78°06’35.7″W

Third Battle of Winchester “A gathering of future leaders”    39°12’36.4″N 78°07’38.7″W

Winchester “The Valley Campaigns” 39°11’01.4″N 78°09’50.3″W